Several sectors have been affected by the Coved 19, but the most important of them is the exhibitions and conferences sector, where it has faced unprecedented challenges to the point where it almost disappeared. This problem required the organizers to look for alternative solutions to overcome the deficit in this sector, hence the idea of a GESP.

The GES-PLATFORM (GESP) is the fastest means of establishing relationships between education companies and their target audiences.
While saving effort and money. In addition, it is the first Saudi online education platform combining educational institutions and companies in one platform as a reference could be helps to market the organizations and businesses, communicate with targeted odium, and communicate everything new.

GESP Categories:
  1. Companies in Technology and Education
  2. Suppliers of education
  3. (Local & International) Schools & Universities
  4. Summer campuses.
  5. Training and Languages Centers

To become a global online guiding reference for all educational sectors such as institutions and the education technology industry and dedicate them to service the development of education

Because of the phase of change and revival in Saudi Arabia that gives education a top priority, GESP is attractive spot for all those interested in the development of education and also helps investors who seek to play a vital role in this change.

GESP aims to:
  • help educationalists and business sectors to identify the latest approaches that help in developing education and encouraging innovation alike;
  • make parents aware of the best and recognized schools to choose from for their children to join.
  • assist the educational institutions both general and higher in addition to the business sectors in order to know about the latest educational programs that are in line with their needs and requirements as well as connecting these educational institutions with the companies that deal with such programs.
  • identify the companies that serve the educational sectors.
  • learn about the standers and rankings of the educational institutions.
GESP Offer:
free registration until ends of August .

The cost:
75 USD or 280 SR per a Month.

Sponsors will display in home page, to know more about Sponsors please contact us at: & or 00966541777600

How do I register for my educational institution?
All you have to do is fill this form